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Get more lesson bookings, connect with golfers in your local area, make more money. It’s that simple.

Taking the hassle out of your golf lesson business.

Just give great golf lessons and manage your diary, we’ll do the rest.

Increase bookings

Simply Golf is rapidly growing – that’s a lot of potential customers, each just 60 seconds away from booking a golf lesson

Cashless and convenient

Golfers book lessons using debit or credit card. No more bank trips or needless conversations regarding payment

Download for free

Our free, easy to-use app is available for your iOS or Android device. You only pay a small commission to Simply Golf when you make money

No more interruptions

Notifications are sent when a lesson is booked, so no need to worry about the phone ringing or responding to text messages and emails during lessons.

Reduce no shows

We provide extra security for your business. We take a deposit for every lesson along with dedicated customer support on hand if there are any queries.

Track your business

We give you visibility on your key business analytics, this allows you to spot opportunities to grow even more!

Golf Pros Wanted!

We pride ourselves on our Golf Pros, they are the best in the business. Fully assessed, with excellent customer service skills and extensive knowledge of golf.

We’re On The Same Team

Some of Ireland’s best Golf Pros have helped us design the app to make your day to day experience hassle-free. We’re keen golfers ourselves, so we know what our users want!

Make use of your time and your skills!

Get started now and join the Simply Golf team.

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